Marla Golden

Courtney Stover

Courtney grew up in Allentown. When she was in elementary school, she began to attend APC on a regular basis with her family. In addition to attending church and Sunday school, She was part of the R.O.C.K. program and when she reached 6th grade, she started attending Crossroads. She had heard great things about Crossroads from both of her parents, who were shepherds in the High school youth group, and her 3 older brothers, who attended as students. Courtney became very involved with Crossroads as a student. Throughout her time there, she was on the leadership team multiple times, attended every retreat and went to just about every event they had. As soon as she graduated high school in 2015, she became a middle school shepherd. For the past few years, Courtney has been volunteering at Crossroads as a shepherd, giving her creative input at planning meetings and serving as the middle school retreat coordinator. She also attends and serves on the leadership team at The Well, Crossroads Young Adult Group.  She is so blessed to have the opportunity and the pleasure of being hired as the Crossroads Youth and Young Adult Ministry Administrative Assistant. She loves this Church and the Crossroads Youth Ministry.

JC Fowler

JC has a heart for God and is grateful for the opportunity to live out his calling by serving the volunteers, youth, young adults, and their families of the surrounding community. JC first felt the love of Christ at Crossroads youth center as a teenager and he feels absolutely blessed to be doing ministry in the same place that helped him fall in love with Jesus. JC’s wife, partner in ministry, and partner on the volleyball court is Noelle Fowler. JC is currently pursuing a Master of Divinity through Fuller Theological Seminary. Feel free to ask him about his studies, he could not be more excited about them!

Isaac Meerwarth

Isaac was born in Cambridge, New York. In 2006 he moved to NJ from the small town of Otley, Iowa. His hobbies include running, traveling, and hacking on OpenBSD. A fun fact about Isaac is that he has been to 10 countries and 31 States!

Isaac has been leading at Crossroads in many different volunteer capacities since 2012. He was lead to the position at Crossroads by his heart for God and his love for the youth of Allentown. He is humbled and excited to work alongside staff and volunteers to make Crossroads is a different place.